Wedding/Event Contract Disputes

You planned for your special day (a wedding, a birthday, a graduation party...) and made reservations and paid deposits ahead of time. And then, COVID hit. Maybe you were feeling overwhelmed and wanted to see how things turned out before contacting your venue/photographer/caterer/other service personnel. Or maybe you did contact them, but they reassured you that they would work with you to get to a resolution that works for everybody.

But all that changed in the last phone call/email, when the vendor refused to give you a refund, minimized your health safety concerns, and pressured you to adjust your plans in a way that benefited, not you, but them. 

Vendors are cracking down and trying to deal with the current climate of economic uncertainty by trying to squeeze every last cent out of customers. The contracts you have signed with them are mostly of no help - the vendor put them in front of you and you signed them, and who can blame you? You were thinking of how you were going to celebrate with your friends and family, and this legalese was the farthest thing from your mind.   

However, please know that you are not without legal recourse. Pressure can be brought to bear upon the vendors, and they can be made to see that it would be in everyone's best interest to get to a mutually reasonable resolution, as opposed to a situation where they open themselves up to bad word of mouth, negative social media reviews, and just a complete loss of goodwill.

Reach out to me, and let's discuss how I can help you salvage this situation.