Technology Transactions

You are buying a Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) software, but you need someone to look over the clickthrough super quick. Or you are trying to purchase an essential platform or license for your business, and your account executive just emailed you a fifteen-page  End User License Agreement (EULA), along with an officious email that they will not negotiate the EULA. Or you are trying to buy a hosting platform that will have access to your sensitive data, and the vendor refuses to accept any liability for breaches of data security.

What's the best way to proceed? And how do you make sure that the cost of legal representation does not surpass the cost of the technology itself?

A lot of times, it is possible to take a targeted approach and obtain the few changes that are really essential. Therefore, if you are looking for a lawyer who will extensively redline, edit, and negotiate the agreement, and go toe-to-toe with the vendor's lawyers, I am happy to do so. However, if you need someone to review an agreement, discuss with you and narrow down the list to just three or four things that you really should get changed, and try to make those changes, I have done that many times for my clients as well and am happy to do so for you.

Technology is such an essential part of our lives nowadays - we all need to use it to stay productive and be efficient. If you have a technology contract that's gotten you flummoxed, let's talk.